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Below you will find some commonly asked questions related to epoxy stone flooring.

What is the square foot price of epoxy stone?

There are a few factors that go into the pricing. On site visits are the best way to form an accurate price.

What is the required preparation before installing epoxy stone?

The home should be at the later stage of construction for newbuilds. Decks need to have a waterproofing system before stone is installed. (i.e. membrane, torch on) If stone is covering concrete, no preparation is required, just a clean surface.

 The epoxy stone is applied over a waterproofed deck (ie torch on),  or existing concrete. The floor is then sealed with a 100% solid epoxy prime coat. The floor is then trowelled with a blend of natural decorative stone mixed with a solid  2 part epoxy bonder. The epoxy stone is porous material that allows the water to go through the stone. The floor is trowelled approximately 3/8 to ½ inch thick. The epoxy stone is weather resistant and can support 8,000 to 10,000 pounds per square inch.      

What structures can epoxy stone material cover?

Epoxy stone can cover a torched on system (i.e. membrane), vinyl decking or any concrete. It cannot go over loose materials like gravel, brick, pavers or any type of soft material.

Is epoxy stone pourous?

Yes, it is porous and allows water to travel through the stone. Decks should account for a slope.

How long does an epoxy stone surface last?

With a simple re-glaze every few years, this product will last years and years. Some factors that may dull the look are UV exposure. Extra cleaning will occur in heavy traffic areas or vehicle use. All can be rectified with small repairs and occasional, inexpensive re-glaze.

Is maintenance required for epoxy stone surfaces?

 Wash with any type of flooring cleaner if necessary or hosing and/or annual power washing if outside, helps to protect the look. Every few years, surface may need re-glazing.


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